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How to install IIS 8 on Windows Server 2012

In order to install IIS 8 on Windows Server 2012, follow the below instructions: 1. Login to your Windows server with the administrator user using         with Remote Desktop. 2. Open Server Manager. 3. Under Manage menu, select Add Roles and Features. 4. Select Role-based or Feature-based Installation. Click on Next. 5.… Read More »

Steps to create a backup in Softaculous

Softaculous empowers clients with taking reinforcements of the applications from the electronic interface. Following is the system to secure a reinforcement in Softaculous 1 – Login to your cPanel Control Panel and search for the Softaculous symbol recorded under Software/Services 2 – Select All Installations 3 – All the introduced applications would be recorded. You… Read More »

How to Restore the Individual cPanel Account via SSH?

Step 1: To reestablish the cPanel account reinforcements, enter the accompanying summon /scripts/restorepkg username [Note: keeping in mind the end goal to reestablish the information, you should be in the index where the reinforcement record is stored.]

What is Leech Protection ?

The Leech Protect utility accessible in cPanel empowers clients with keeping clients from uncovering the passwords to a confined zone of a site freely and limiting the quantity of times a client can sign in to the ranges. The site overseers get the capacity of diverting the records to favored pages in case of such… Read More »

How to Enable the Leech Protection in Cpanel

1) Look for the Leech Protect symbol situated in the Security area of cPanel home screen for getting to the Leech Protect Menu 2 ) Browse and Click the envelope for which you mean dole out assurance 3 )Assign the quantity of times you expect to permit a client

How to Enable Gzip, GD, and MySQL in cPanel

1. Login to the WHM 2. At your left-hand side Menu look for Easy Apache, Click on it 3. Keep the setup as it is and go for Customize The Profile, tap on it 4. You will see the present setup, Click on Exhaustive Options catch 5. You should see GD, Gzip, and other numerous… Read More »