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How to Create Email Aliases in Plesk?

Email aliases are temporary e-mail addresses, or simply a forwarding e-mail address.   1.Click on the Mail   2.Click on an E-mail Address   3.Click on the “E-mail Aliases” tab   4.Type in the alias name. If you want to add another email alias please click on the Add e-mail alias.   5.Press the OK button.

How to remove a scheduled task in Plesk?

1.Logging into Plesk 2.Click on the Websites & Domains   3.Click on Show Advanced Operations(a small gray link in the middle of the page), if the advanced options are not already shown.   4.Click on Scheduled Tasks.   5.Select the appropriate system user.   6.Check the box next to the Scheduled Task you want to remove.   7.Click… Read More »

Create Domain Aliases in Plesk?

1. Click on “Website & Domains” tab. 2. Click on “Show Advanced Operations” link 3. Click on “Domain Aliases” icon 4. Click on “Manage” link to the right of the domain you want to set up an Alias for. 5. Click on “Add Domain Alias” icon 6. Fill out the needed information. The ones denoted… Read More »