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How to Fix “Internal Server Error 500” ?

The most common reasons for 500 errors:   1) Bad permissions, Writable by group Directories and folders should be 755. Executable scripts within the cgi-bin folder must be 755. Images, media, and text files like HTML should be 644.   2) Bad .htaccess, Invalid command In the (dot) htaccess file, you may have added lines… Read More »

How to Redirect an URL in cPanel?

1.Login to cPanel and click the Redirects icon.   2.Leave the setting as 301 redirects, as this is preferred by search engines.   3.Select the appropriate domain name from the drop-down.   4.In the subsequent blank, enter an optional path and file name; this exact name must be typed to trigger the redirect.   5.In… Read More »

How to Create MySQL database in cPanel.

Login to Cpanel.   Click the MySQL Databases icon.   In the box to the right of New Database, please provide a name for the database. Please note cPanel will create the full name of the database as cPaneluser_databasename.   Click the Create Database button.

How to install SQL Server 2012 Express on Windows server 2012

Before installing SQL Server 2012 make sure you have the below components installed or enabled on your Windows server.   A.Download and install.NET Framework 4.0. If the computer has Internet access, SQL Server setup will download it when needed.   B.Enable .NET Framework 3.5 using Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn on/off features.… Read More »

How to Create Email Aliases in Plesk?

Email aliases are temporary e-mail addresses, or simply a forwarding e-mail address.   1.Click on the Mail   2.Click on an E-mail Address   3.Click on the “E-mail Aliases” tab   4.Type in the alias name. If you want to add another email alias please click on the Add e-mail alias.   5.Press the OK button.