What is Plesk Onyx and its Features

By | July 25, 2017

Plesk Onyx is the smoothest overhaul of the customary Plesk control board, with cutting edge components and support for some new advancements like Docker , Git and so on.

With this new form of plesk underneath highlights are dropped from Plesk Onyx control board.


Client and Business Manager

>Windows VZ Templates

>x86-based disseminations of working frameworks

>CentOS 5/RHEL5/CloudLinux 5

>Microsoft Windows 2008 (not R2)

>ASP.NET 1.1

>SmarterMail 6.x – 9.x


>Shared SSL bolster on Windows

>Solidarity Mobile

>10.4 update drop

>perl-apache-asp segment drop

Some new components of Plesk Onyx

Support For Database –




MSSQL ( Windows )

Database Tools





Git Support

Plesk Onyx presents reconciliation with Git , it empowers you to do

Simple sending of your sites by either pushing it to a neighborhood or by pulling from a remote one Git repo.

Programming building administration of your decision like Github , Travis and so forth..

Various Branch Support in single storehouse

Programmed Deployment


Docker Support –

Plesk Onyx comes with Docker support.

on-demand access to a wide range of modern technologies

choose from catalog of available images mongodb , redis etc..

Deploy and manage docker containers locally and remotely

Windows Server 2016 Support

Plesk Onyx supports the Standard and Datacenter editions of Windows Server 2016 with IIS 10

Wildcard subdomains

HTTP/2 support

New cipher suites

Framework Resource Usage Limits


Acquainting the capacity with constrain the measure of framework assets that can be utilized by a specific membership or facilitating account which will avoid server mishandle caused by either malevolent or ineffectively composed script.

The accompanying framework assets can be restricted by this component:



Plate I/O

DNSSEC Support

Another component which enables clients to ensure the DNS information of their facilitated areas with DNSSEC . DNSSEC remains for Domain Name System Security Extensions it’s an arrangement of DNS convention.

With the element client can do

Arrange the settings utilized for key era and rollover

Sign and unsign space zones as per the DNSSEC determinations

Get notices identified with DNSSEC records and keys

View and duplicate DS asset records and DNSKEY asset record sets

SSL bolster and Improvements

Plesk Onyx accompanies an arrangement of security enhancements which will help you to solidify the server. This component will help to

Compel https association with sites facilitated in Plesk

Mail servers can be secured utilizing SSL/TLS

Secured webmail association with SSL/TLS

Ruby Support

Plesk onyx has legitimate Ruby dialect bolster as a Plesk augmentation. The Ruby augmentation accessible in Plesk Onyx enables clients to rapidly and effectively send Ruby applications on their areas.

Empower Ruby help on any given virtual host

Pick which Ruby form ought to be utilized on a space.

Introduce pearl record conditions by means of UI utilizing Bundler apparatus

Determine custom condition factors

Alter design records

Node.js bolster

Plesk Onyx offers Node.js bolster, Node.js is an open-source, cross-stage runtime condition for creating server-side Web applications.

Add Node.js applications to your sites with only a couple of snaps.

Effortlessly deal with the application from Plesk (begin/stop/restart the application, introduce NPM bundles, run scripts, alter the arrangement documents – Plesk does it all).

Have various Node.js adaptations introduced on the server (Plesk for Linux as it were)

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